Single Engine Piston (SEP) Rating

SEP Rating Revalidation

We can revalidate your EASA Single Engine Piston (SEP) rating based on your experience. To do this your rating must still be valid and within the last 12 months you must have completed at least 12 hours of flight time in a single-engine piston aircraft, including a minimum of

  • 6 hours as pilot in command,
  • 12 take-offs and landings as pilot at the controls, and
  • a training flight of at least one hour with an EASA Flight Instructor or Class Rating Instructor.


A class or type rating proficiency check or skills test in ANY other class or type satisfies this last requirement, and if required, the 1 hour can be completed in up to three separate flights, provided that they are all flown with the same instructor.

You should note that the training flight is NOT a skills test or a proficiency check but merely an opportunity to fly with an instructor to help brush up your existing skills and maybe learn some new ones.

If you cannot revalidate by experience, you can complete a Proficiency Check instead. Fly with one of our Flight Examiners anytime within the three months prior of your rating expiry.

SEP Rating Renewal

If your SEP rating has expired by the time you bring it to us, then, even if you have the revalidation requirements, it will have lapsed and renewal action will be required. This may or may not require some additional training depending on your level of experience and time since you last flew. When you are ready, you will need to complete a Proficiency Check with one of our Flight Instructors.

If you need to renew a Touring Motor Glider class rating as well, the Proficiency check can be completed in either class and will renew both ratings.