Garmin is pleased to announce the availability of the EASA approved software upgrade for the GTN 650/750 Series touchscreen navigators. 

GTN Series Enhancements

•The GTN series touchscreen navigators also receives many new features with software version 6.50, including the following:

• The addition of Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance (FLTA) audible and visual terrain proximity alerts, including, “terrain ahead, pull up,” “obstacle ahead, pull up” and “wire ahead.” An aural “five-hundred” annunciation is also available when the aircraft is on approach to land. These new alerts are available as a free feature.

• Pilots can now set a user-defined waypoint as an airport, so terrain alerts are minimized while landing at an airport that is not in the navigation database.

• The addition of a QWERTY keyboard within the GTN 650/750 series and G500 TXi/G600 TXi gives pilots a more familiar way to input information.

• Pilots can configure COMM sidetone settings within GTN.

• Irish, Swiss and English coordinate systems are now supported, so it’s easier for pilots to enter GPS coordinates in various formats, including latitude/longitude, degrees/minutes/seconds and decimal degrees.

• The new GWX™ 75 weather radar is now supported by the GTN touchscreen navigators and G500 TXi/G600 TXi flight displays, which offers 4 times more color contouring than typically found on other weather radars on the market.

• Downloadable Feature Enablements will soon be available for GTN touchscreen navigators. A separate marketing memo will be published with additional details.