UK IMC Rating / Instrument Rating (Restricted)

The UK IMC Rating is now known as the Instrument Rating Restricted IRR(A) but the privileges and revalidation/renewal procedures remain the same. To revalidate or renew you will need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • successfully complete a flight test with a Flight Examiner, to include
  • the completion of two instrument approaches including missed approaches using different approach aids, or
  • only fly one instrument approach and missed approach during the test, providing

you can show that during the validity of your rating, you have demonstrated an instrument approach, including a missed approach, using an aid other than the one used during your test. This must be signed by an instructor qualified to give instrument flying instruction.

If your rating has expired for more than 5 years then you will be required to complete an initial IRR(A) flight test together with any appropriate training, depending on your overall experience. If your rating has expired for more than 10 years you will also be required to pass the IRR(A)) Rating Theoretical Knowledge exam.