NPPL Simple Single Engine Aircraft (SSEA) Rating

NPPL SSEA Revalidation

All Class Ratings on NPPLs have a 24 month validity period.  In order for us to revalidate your rating during this period, you must have completed at least:

  • 12 hours flight time,
  • 8 hours as PIC of which at least 6 hours should have been in the last 12 months,
  • 12 take-offs and landings, and
  • a training flight of at least one hour with a Flight Instructor

If you hold more than one class rating, you can complete the requirements in any class or a combination to revalidate all ratings, however, you must have logged at least 1 hour (either PIC or dual) in each class to be revalidated.

If you cannot revalidate by experience, you can do so by completing a General Skills Test with one of our Flight Examiners prior to rating expiry.


If your rating has lapsed then you will need to complete a General Skills Test with one of our Flight Examiners.

If it has lapsed by more than 5 years, then you will have to complete some refresher training prior to the General Skills Test. The amount of training you need depends on your overall experience and currency. If your rating has lapsed for less than 5 years then there is no mandatory requirement for refresher training but we will usually recommend that you brush up your skills prior to taking any test.