Mooney Training For Aircraft Owners


Upon purchase of your new, or new to you Mooney, CAMFLIGHT can provide you with transition training using the MAPA Mooney Pilot Proficiency Program Training Manual as a guide. This ensures that your Mooney training is straight from the book.

For turbo-charged models, it is a 4 day course.  For non-turbo charged models, it is a 3 day course.  If you are a VFR only pilot, the course will be 2.5 days regardless of the airplane. If you require a Flight Review or an Instrument Proficiency check as part of your Mooney training, please let your instructor know.  This may add a little bit of time to the course.

Recurrent Mooney Training

Texas Top Aviation follows the FAA’s recommendation of doing some sort of proficiency training every four to six weeks. That way, pilots stay proficient on the necessary maneuvers for Flight Reviews and IPCs. This proficiency Mooney training involves 2-4 hour training sessions over the various visual and instrument maneuvers required on BFRs and IPCs. See Appendixes 4 & 7 ofAC 61-98B for more information on the FAA’s Proficiency Practice Plans.

Need a Flight Review or IPC in your Mooney aircraft? Texas Top Aviation can help. We go above and beyond the requirements to stay current; we ensure you are proficient and, most importantly, safe to fly. BFRs and IPCs usually take 4 hours to complete.

Mooney Acclaim. Mooney training

Mooney Avionics Training

Have you recently upgraded your avionics in your Mooney? Do you need training on how to use your new GPS or glass instrumentation? Texas Top Aviation provides high quality avionics training for Mooney owners. Whether it’s Garmin, Aspen, or Avidyne, Texas Top Aviation will get you comfortable with your system. We utilize PC simulators on the ground to reduce stress while increasing learning.

Mooney Training in Your Aircraft

Texas Top Aviation provides Mooney training in the following Mooney aircraft:

  • M20 Mooney training
  • M20J (Mooney 201) Mooney training
  • M20K (Mooney 231) Mooney training
  • Ovation Mooney training
  • Acclaim Mooney training

Call Texas Top Aviation today to schedule your Mooney Training and experience the difference!

Transition/Recurrent Training

If you are buying or about buy a New or Secondhand Mooney and need transition training, our FITS course will get you up to speed and gain confidence and proficiency.

We are experts in aircraft equipped with all possible configurations: Garmin G1000, Sandel or Aspen..

CAMFLIGHT can also help you with differences training if you’re already a Mooney pilot moving into an aircraft with new capabilities like a Turbo, FIKI, or different avionics.

We can train owners and non-pilot flying partners.