Mentor Pilot Services

We provides a range of support services for our clients who own and operate their own aircraft. These include mentoring as you gain your experience and confidence, coaching and consulting as you fly, offering a second opinion aimed at helping you maintain a comfortable margin of safety while getting optimum utilisation out of your aircraft.

After you complete your conversion training in your new Citation, King Air, TBM, Pilatus or any one of the multitude single and multi engine Technically Advanced Aircraft, it can be useful, productive and beneficial to have a mentor fly with you for a certain number of hours. Our selected mentors will be there to answer your questions, help your understanding and reinforce procedures  as you put your conversion training to work.
Our selected Mentors will be experienced Professionally licensed Type Rating Instructor/Examiner or Class Rating Instructor/Examiner

Beyond the mentoring we can support you, providing guidance when needed, helping open doors and answer questions, serve as a knowledge resource as well as source of second opinions and someone to discuss decisions with whose only interest is your safety and well being.

Beyond our Mentoring services we can offer Safety Pilot services;
There may well be occasions when conditions are such that flying single pilot isn’t the wisest course of action due to any number reasons: Weather, the importance of the trip or the importance of the business to be conducted on the trip. Whatever the reason, our instructors can be called and relied upon to provide a highly qualified and experienced pilot enabling you to complete the trip with confidence and peace of mind.