An Instrument Rating (aeroplanes) is valid for 12 months. A Multi-Engine Instrument Rating can be revalidated at the same time as revalidation of the Multi-Engine class rating. Single pilot aeroplane (SPA) IR privileges are not type specific – the holder of more than one SPA type or class is required to revalidate the IR on only one SPA type (usually the most complex). However, the holder of the ME IR must revalidate on a ME class or type.

Multi pilot aeroplane privileges do not carry over to single pilot aeroplanes – the holder of both a SPA IR and MPA IR has to revalidate both ratings separately.

Our ‘in house’ authorised IR examiner (CRE/IRR) can conduct the revalidation or renewal test.

Revalidation/Renewal in the aeroplane (Beech 76 Duchess)

The revalidation of the IR and the Multi-Engine class rating can be conducted in one flight, which usually takes between 1hour 15mins – 1hour 30 mins.

Basically it is an IFR departure with a short en-route section, an air work section to include the general handling for the MEP revalidation followed by a hold, NDB EFATO and single engine ILS (one of the approaches needs to be asymmetric). To satisfy the MEP revalidation we finish with a short circuit detail.

If you feel you need any revision work on instrument procedures before the test we can offer a simulator programme to suit your requirements.

Revalidation in the simulator (FNPTII)

You can revalidate your IR in the FNPTII on alternate years which is usually a cheaper option and generally more time efficient, as you are not reliant on the weather or booking training beacons. However this only revalidates your IR and not your MEP class rating. You can of course revalidate your Multi rating in a separate flight of approx one-hour duration.

The test profile is similar to the one in the aeroplane and if required you can have a practice session prior to test.


The test fee is currently £205 payable direct to the examiner (cash or cheque).

The simulator (FNPT11) is £207 including VAT/hour. As a guide a typical renewal cost on the simulator including one-hour practice, the hire of the simulator for the test and the test fee, is £619.

The Beech 76 (Duchess) is £465 per hour including VAT for training and £386 per hour including VAT A/C hire for test plus landing fee, fuel surcharge and the test fee of £205 to the examiner.

Tests can also be conducted on your own aircraft.

Renewal of an IR (A)

Where an IR has expired by more than five years but not less than seven years and IR privileges have not been exercised in any other category of aircraft or under the privileges of an ICAO licence, an IR Proficiency check with a Flight Examiner will be required.

Where an IR has expired by more than 7 years and IR privileges have not been exercised in any other aircraft an IR Skill Test with a Staff Flight Examiner will be required and applicants will also need to sit the IR (A) or ATPL (A) examinations.

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