Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence

The Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) authorises you to operate an Aircraft Radio Station in a UK registered aircraft.

The licence can be held as a standalone licence, but is normally held in conjunction with a Flight Crew licence.

There are exceptions for student pilots and for glider pilots when transmitting on frequencies specifically allocated for glider operation.

The FRTOL does not entitle the holder to operate a radio station installed anywhere other than in an aircraft.

All Aeronautical and Aircraft Radio Stations require a Radio Licence issued by the CAA in accordance with the Wireless Telegraphy Acts as amended.

The holder of a FRTOL is responsible for ensuring that the aircraft radio station they operate has a valid radio licence. Failure to do so will render them liable to prosecution under the Wireless Telegraphy Acts.


You must be at least 16 years old and have:

  • passed the PPL Communications theoretical exam (this must be completed before the practical exam, a 24 month validity period begins once you have passed the written exam)
  • passed a practical RTF Communications test (there is a 24 month validity period to this test)
  • demonstrated language proficiency to at least level 4

To apply for a FRTOL not limited to Very High Frequency (VHF) operations only, you must have:

  • a pass in the High Frequency (HF) written examinations is valid to 24 months for the removal of the VHF only limitations

If you take the Radiotelephony (RTF) Communications test  together with the theoretical exams for the issue of a PPL, LAPL or NPPL licence all exams must be passed within an 18 month period.  You must also apply for the FRTOL as part of your pilot licence application.

The RTF examination will be valid for 24 months following the final theoretical examination.

Credits are available as follows:

You are credited the PPL Communications theory exam if you:

  • hold a valid pass in the JAR-FCL / Part-FCL Communications exams in VFR and IFR Communications for the validity period of the exam
  • hold a valid ATCO licence issued in accordance with EU Directive 2006/23/EC
  • hold a valid FISO licence issued in accordance with Article 203 of the Air Navigation Order 2009

Courses & Examinations

RT Courses

Camflight offer both one day courses and one to one tuition to prepare you for the written and practical examinations, specific rt training is not a requirement but you will find it extremely beneficial.

Tution Fees:

  • Individual tuition                                          £35.00 per hour
  • One day course (minimum 4 people)         £95.00 per person

The tuition/course fees do not include examination and test fees.


The  Examinations/Tests must be conducted at a CAA Approved Location. Arwyn conducts Examinations and Tests at both Cambridge and Earls Colne

There no specific dates for theses examination and test, they can be arranged directly with Arwyn to suit your schedule.

Examination & Test Fees:

  • Written PPL Communications Examination             £35.00
  • HF Written examination                                            £35.00
  • Practical RTF Communications Test                        £95.00

Note: The above Fees do not include the CAA fees which would be charged to issue a stand alone the FRTOL If the FRTOL is applied for where the applicant is the holder of a UK CAA/EASA issued pilot licence no fee is charged by the CAA

Validity period

A UK FRTOL issued after 17 September 2012, is valid for life, provided that your language proficiency endorsement is current.

A Stand alone UK FRTOL issued before 17 September 2012, had a ten year validity. When these licences expire, if you still need an FRTOL, you must reapply and pay the appropriate fee.

English Language Proficiency

English Language proficiency endorsement (level 4 or better) is now a requirement for all holders of a FRTOL. Arwyn our RT Examiner is authorised to assess english language proficiency

Application to the CAA

    • A fully completed online application form if you are applying for initial issue of the FRTOL.
    • To renew or revalidate an existing FRTOL use form SRG 1106
    • Evidence of Identity (Original passport or full European Photographic Driving licence) or a copy certified by the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) or UK CAA Examiner.
    • A completed payment form (if you are using form SRG 1106 to renew or revalidate your licence)
    • Scheme of charges (Personnel Licensing)