Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit (RP) holders are authorized to operate most aircraft and aeronautical ground stations aboard pleasure craft (other than those carrying more than six passengers for hire on the Great lakes or bays or tidewaters or in the open sea) when operator licensing is required. RP holders may also operate, repair and maintain any kind of AM, FM, TV or international broadcast station. They may act as chief engineer or chief operator of a broadcast station. RPs are issued for the holder’s lifetime.

An RP is issued without examination. To qualify you must:

(a)be either a legal resident of (or otherwise eligible for employment in) the United States or hold an aircraft pilot
certificate valid in the United States or hold an FCC radio station license in your own name
(*see limitation on validity below);

(b)be able to speak and hear;

(c)be able to keep at least a rough written log; and

(d)be familiar with provisions of applicable treaties, laws and rules which govern the radio station you will operate.

To apply for an RP, you need to register with the FCC

Then Complete FCC Form 605


FCC Restricted Radiotelephony Operator Permit

The FCC Restricted Radiotelephony Operator Permit is obtained direct from the FCC online ( for a fee of US$ 60 (2009). This is required for each pilot flying under the privileges of an FAA license outside U.S. airspace, so if the aircraft is shared by e.g. four FAA PPL licensed pilots, each of them needs to obtain this certificate.

Obtaining your FCC Restricted Radio Operators Permit for operating a radio in an N-Reg aircraft flown outside the USA. (Step by step guide)

Step 1 – Go to website and on the left hand side, in the yellow box area, click on the Forms link
Step 2 – Scroll down the page ¾ of the way and you will see
(Quick-Form Application for Authorization in the Ship, Aircraft, Amateur, Restricted and Commercial Operator, and General Mobile Radio Services) form 605. Click on Electronic Filing link.
Step 3 – On the next page you will click on the second link, being Online Filing
Step 4 – The following page asks for you FRN and pin. If you have one enter it here, if not click on the link Need an FRN? Register with the FCC.
Step 5 – Highlight the Register Now circle and then click Continue
Step 6 – You will be registering as an individual and check the appropriate response to the address with in the U.S. question.
Step 7 – Enter your appropriate information in the following page
Step 8 – The next page your FRN number will be displayed. Write this down or print for future reference. Click the back button four times or go to the FCC home page and using steps 1 through 3 to return to the page that ask for your FRN number. Enter your number here along with your password you submitted in the previous steps.
Step 9 – The following page will have an option to Apply for a new license. Click here.
Step 10 – This will take you to a page on which you must select the radio service for which you will be applying. Scroll down the list until you reach ( RR-Recruited Operator ).Continue
Step 11 – On the Applicant Questions page leave everything as is. It should say Regular on type and No you’re not exempt from application fees or license fees. Continue
Step 12 – Address located outside the U.S. check appropriate field. Continue.
Step 13 – Fill out your information for you license on this page. Continue
Step 14 – Click that you are eligible for employment in the U.S. Continue
Step 15 – Check that all your information is accurate and then Continue.
Step 16 – Agree to all the above statements then Continue.
Step 17 – Give your electronic signature by filling in the boxes. Continue
Step 18 – Print your application and continue to Form 159
Step 19 – Fill in your FRN number and password and Continue
Step 20 – On form 159 you can either pay credit card or if you select to view form 159 you can mail in a payment. Select your choice and proceed.
Step 21 – The following page you will be able to print form 159 after your credit card has been approved.

This is the completion of you FCC Radio Telephone Operators Permit Application. You should receive you license in the mail within 2-3 weeks